Panem today. Panem tomorrow. Panem forever.

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I wanna steal your soul
Brick by brick

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I told him, I told him about us, I told him I won’t marry Loras Tyrell. I told him I’m staying right here, with Tommen, with you. I don’t choose Tywin Lannister, I don’t love Tywin Lannister. I love my brother, I love my lover.

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“He remembered the smell of her hair, the warmth of her body. You were wrong to love her, a voice whispered. You were wrong to leave her, a different voice insisted.”

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game of thrones season 4 episode titles

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"Going at it alone, you won’t last a day out there."
"I’ll last longer than you."

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This isn’t the end. Not for you. Not yet.

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The Starks will endure. We always have.


i love cinematography more than i love my own family so here’s a list of 50 incredibly beautiful movies!! some of them are fantastic, some are so bad the cinematography barely redeems them, but they’re all worth watching. i tried to find the most high-quality streaming links available, but if you have a problem with shitty video quality you should probably just rent the dvd like a law-abiding citizen. (director of photography’s name in parenthesis)

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